1. For the past week or so my toe has been infected and progressively swelling. I thought is was nothing but a seriously infected cut until this little creature of God emerged this mornng.

    Is this what it’s like to give birth? 

  2. The mighty West African balloon tree

  3. A year and a half in Africa and I finally see a wild animal that doesn’t have scales or 50 legs. 

  4. They say insects are the protein of the future. Well, my dear chocolate covered scorpion, here’s to sustainability.

    Such a crunchy carapace!

  5. Bucket bathing by candlelight. Africa, you test me. 

  6. Not too shabby, Dakar. 

  7. To all the Americans who claim that Obama has hurt our image abroad, I think the Senegalese disagree. 

    Sorry about it. 

  8. Dried mushrooms: 

    I realize that, in posting this, I’ll never again have any room to pretend I’m anything but a 10-year-old boy. But if you don’t giggle you’re too Lutheran for you own good. 

  9. Le Burger Sénégalais: 

    Beef patty, ketchup, hot sauce, mayo,spicy mustard, fried egg, french fries all on a stale bun. 

    As long as the cringe-factor that soggy fries are sure to inspire doesn’t put you off, this protein bomb will surely keep you going from dusk til dawn.

    It is Ramadan, after all. And everyone knows that god hates nothing more than scheduled nourishment. 

  10. More thoughts on our new washing machine: “This is stupid…this is STUPID!”