1. Once upon a time, before school shackled me to a library, I was free to wander the Sahel. Well, in a stange twist of fate, I find myself returning to West Africa.

    What’s more, my repatriation begins with my first ever day-time flight across the Sahara to Niamey, Niger.

    Enjoy. I certainly did. 

  2. Grenoble is not a bad place to live. Culture, cafés, and quality croissants abound. However, the best part by far is the fact that, no matter where you are in the city, you can see the mountains. I’ve lived here for about 7 months now and yet I still find myself accidently sstanding in the middle of the street, mouth agape, just staring.  

  3. Shit! Africa found me. Time to move! 

  4. There are so many things that I love about France, but their archaic approach to education never ceases to amaze me. While, in the US, grades and test scores are treated as confidential personal information, the French think it appropriate to plaster the walls with proof of just how badly you bombed your physics exam. And they wonder why the youth are so eager to flee their country…

  5. After losing significant test pointage for not knowing the correct proportions of white bee’s wax, rose water, and sweet almond oil to prepare Cérat de Galien (a concoction I’m fairly certain doesn’t exist in America), I’ve come to the conclusion that this is actually potions class and, therefore, I am actually at Hogwarts. 



    I also didn’t know the correct quantity of Icacuanha to add to an “anti-vomit potion” vs a “vomit potion”. 

  6. "No swimming"

    Thanks for the sign, but I don’t think this particular body of water attracts too many beach-goers.

  7. I think it’s important that we all take a moment to appreciate this petit French firetruck with “angry” written on its side. 

  8. Most mornings, I like to start the day by treating my neighbors a hearty rendition of the opening song to Beauty & the Beast. They’re French, so I know they appreciated it. 

  9. Big news:

    After months of cramming myself into the over-crowded main university library, I’ve discovered something amazing! A mere 5 minute walk away, hidden among the trees, is a diamond in the rough. While you may immediately be struck by the horrendously fugly facade, this is only to ensure that all but the most worthy stay away. Inside hides a most peaceful and ikea-chic study haven.  


    My favorite study nook has a panoramic view of the snow-covered alps, complete with the swiftly moving black dots of distant skiers. Photos to come. 

  10. Socialism

    Benefit: True equality of opportunity

    Disadvantage: Never really knowing if you’re in a good neighborhood or not