1. Le Burger Sénégalais: 

    Beef patty, ketchup, hot sauce, mayo,spicy mustard, fried egg, french fries all on a stale bun. 

    As long as the cringe-factor that soggy fries are sure to inspire doesn’t put you off, this protein bomb will surely keep you going from dusk til dawn.

    It is Ramadan, after all. And everyone knows that god hates nothing more than scheduled nourishment. 

  2. More thoughts on our new washing machine: “This is stupid…this is STUPID!”

  3. We got a new washing machine! And it’s the biggest joke ever. 

  4. Nothing says good morning like getting smoked out of your house at 3am by pro-gaza riots.

  5. After spending the day relaxing on the western-most point of the African continent, I’m having serious doubts about the whole return-to-France thing. 

  6. Planet Kebab : The closest we’ll get to Chipotle in Africa.  

  7. Tan lines?! What tan lines? 


  8. "Waw"

    The Wolof word for yes. Everyone sounds amazed all the time. 


  9. Kjære Afrika, meet lefse. Lefse, this is Africa. I’m sure you two will get along.

  10. Île de Gorée 1:

    I’m so thankful that, while I was living in Burkina Faso, I never knew a place as amazing as Senegal existed. Welcome to Gorée island, the most beautiful place Ive ever been (sorry Norway). 

    Don’t let anyone ever tell you what africa is like.